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Scroll below to view our contract and policies. It's super simple and filled with the legalese we are required to have. In short, we show up, we wow you with our professionalism and skills, and everyone leaves happy!

A signed contract and deposit is required in order to reserve your spot with JWS, so don't hesitate!



to view the JWS contract and policies. Please contact JWS with any questions or to book.

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How do I book, you ask?

Please contact JWS to find out if your date is available. Once it has been confirmed that your date is available, then JWS will have you sign the contract and place a deposit...voila, your date is reserved!

What if I can't decide today what drinks I want, but I know I want JWS to sling those drinks?

Book your date darlin'! You do NOT need to know your exact beverage selections in order to book.

How soon can I book, you ask?

No time better than now to book! With JWS being your premier beverage caterer with a state issued liquor license and fully insured, we are in high demand. We have an awesome team and products to ensure we can take care of our clients, but there are only so many of us. We encourage you to book your event as early as possible to ensure you don't miss out on our awesome service!

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