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The Fun Stuff

We like The Fun Stuff and it's a great way to make your event unique, stand out, and bring your favorites to the forefront. Don't see something fun that you want, just ask! We love the chance to try new things!!

Fish Bowl Bar

Want to add some fun to your event? Add a fish bowl bar and make your event a stand out to others! Complete with plastic fish bowls, candies and umbrella straws these fish bowls are sure to please!

bloody bar.jpg

Bloody Mary Bar

Make this bar self serve or served by our staff and make this bar as "bougie" or basic as you wish! With a basic spirit, juice, pickle and lemon or all the flavor spirits, juices, and fabulous garnishes; this Bloody Mary Bar is sure to bring some fun and uniqueness to your event. 

margarita bar.jpg

Margarita/Daquiri Bar

What a way to set your event apart from the rest! This margarita/daquiri bar can be as simple or complex as you desire and can be served indoors or out, by our staff or as a self-serve option. Complete with a Ninja blending system, your drinks can be on the rocks or blended and topped with all the trimmings or kept simple and easy. 

jws shot bar.jpg

Shot Bar

Served by our bartenders or set out in a nice display for your guests, the shot bar gives you the ability to decide on your favorite shots and how they will be served. Make your shots and bougie or basic as you would like and have fun!

bubbly bar.jpg

Bubbly/Mimosa Bar

Hosting a shower or special event and want to add that extra touch? Add a Bubbly/Mimosa bar and make this specialized to your likes and needs including expectant momma friendly! Served by our staff or self-serve this bar comes complete with Tossware Champagne Flutes and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

20201003_144243 1_edited.jpg

Hot Bar

Planning en event during the cooler season? Bring out a hot bar to warm up your guests. The hot bar can include coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, tea or the hot beverage of your choice and can be served basic or bougie with accompanying spirits and garnishes to make those hot drinks a little more warming!

fruit bar.jpg

Fruity Fun Bar

Perfect for summer gatherings, this fruity fun bar includes all the juices and fun flavored spirits you could imagine. Served by our staff or as a self serve, this bar comes complete with fruit garnishes and umbrella straws. 

whiskey bar.jpg

Whiskey/Cigar Bar

Served on our Whiskey Barrel Bar, the Whiskey/Cigar Bar is a sure fire way to please the men at your event. This bar comes complete with cigar cutter, ash bucket, lighter, rocks glasses, ice bucket and several choices of whiskey. This is a self serve bar and can be served anywhere outdoors where smoking is not prohibited. 

*Cigars not provided*


Champagne Cart

Perfect for pre or post-ceremony offerings, limited gatherings, or simply a different way to add some fun! We compile an offering of the signature drinks of your choice to add a fun spin on your beverage menu in a unique display. 


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