Equipment Rentals

Bartending $40/hour for 2 Bartenders

          *10% Gratuity added to your event subtotal when employing bartenders

Set Up/Breakdown

          $100 - Day Of Set Up

          $150 - Day Prior Set Up

Travel Charge (based on 1 way travel/miles - not round trip)

          0-20 miles FREE.        81-100 miles $200

          21-40 miles $50.        101-150 miles $250

          42-60 miles $100.      151-200 miles $300

          61-80 miles $150.      200+ miles $350

The Tipsy Nomad - Mobile Bar

        *only available with JWS staffing

        $300 non-tap use

          $400 beer tap use

4 Tap Refrigerated Beer Trailer

          *Requires outdoor 3 prong plug in/amp service

          $200 Single Day, Refrigeration Use (Monday-Thursday)

          $250 Single Day, Beer Tap Use (Monday-Thursday) 

          $500 Weekend, Refrigeration Use (Friday-Sunday)

          $600 Weekend, Beer Tap Use (Friday-Sunday)

          $400 Single Day Weekend

2 Tap Jockey Box OR 1 Tap Jockey Box

        *only available with JWS staffing

          $150 per day

6foot Heavy Duty Tables with Black Spandex Coverings

          $20/each per day

Live Edge Rollout Bar

          1-4 foot section $100 per day

          2-Complete 8' set up $150 per day

Whiskey Barrel Rollout Bar

          $50 per day

Rollout 80 quart Ice Cart/Cooler

          $25/each per day

Rollout Large Capacity 100 quart Cooler

          $25/each per day

White Tent/Awning

          *$50 additional set up/breakdown fee

          10x10 foot $50 per day

          10x20 foot $75 per day

Generator - 3500 watt

         *Rental for use with JWS equipment ONLY*

         $150 per day


Beverage Equipment

Coffee Maker/Dispenser - 45 cup capacity

          $20/each per day

          *Includes water and requires plug in service

Tossware Reusable/Recyclable Cups


         Available for rental or purchase - Contact JWS for pricing

Disposable Plastic Cups

          *other size/color options available - Contact JWS for pricing

          16oz clear Beer $10/50count.     16oz red Beer $15/50 count

          12oz clear Soda $10/50count.     9oz clear Wine $15/50 count

          2oz clear Shooter $15/50 count.  Colored Bomb $20/50 count

          1oz clear Shot $15/50 count

Drink Straws (covered & standard) 

          $5/100 count

Beverage Napkins

          $5/100 count

Beverage Dispensers

         $10/day Plastic 2 gallon with Ice/Cooler

         $10/day Glass 2 Gallon

         $15/day Glass 2 gallon on stand

         $15/day Glass 1 gallon on stand

         $20/day Glass Double 1 gallons on stand

Bagged Ice

         $5/10 pound bag.      $10/20 pound bag

Beverage Garnishes with Serving Tray

         *lemon, lime, cherry, olive


Beverage Pricing

Bottled Water

        $10 per 24 pack flat


        $4 per 2 liter bottle

         *also available in cans

Bar Snacks

         $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing

Hard Seltzer

         $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing


         $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing

         *available in kegs/cans/bottles


          $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing


         $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing

         *available in bottles/boxes

Signature Drinks in Beverage Dispensers

        $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing

Specialty Bars

        *Featured on the Fun Stuff page

        $Price varies per item - contact JWS for pricing

*JWS reserves the right to adjust pricing as markets, economy, and business dictates as needed. Your contracted or finalized estimate total will never be changed.*