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The Stuff Pricing


          $100/hour for 2

          $60/hour for 1

Set Up/Breakdown

          $150 - Day Of Set Up

          $250 + additional mileage - Day Prior Set Up

Additional Trailer Requirement


         *Required charge for additional trailer usage

Travel Charge (based on 1 way travel/miles - not round trip)

          0-20 miles   $100         81-100 miles  $340

          21-40 miles $160        101-150 miles $400

          42-60 miles $220        151-200 miles $460 + lodging reimbursement

          61-80 miles $280        200+ miles       $520 + lodging reimbursement

4 Tap/Refrigerated Beer Trailer

         *Requires outdoor plug-in service*

         $250 Single Day, Refrigeration Only Use, Monday-Thursday

         $350 Single Day, Beer Tap Use, Monday-Thursday

         $350 Single Day, Refrigeration Only Use, Friday-Sunday

         $450 Single Day, Beer Tap Use, Friday-Sunday

Generator 3500 watt $200

       *For use with Tipsy Nomad Mobile Bar

Bagged Ice

       10# Bag $5

        20# Bag $10

Garnishes/Compartment $50-100

Signature Drink in Glass Dispenser

       $Varies based on recipe

Specialty Bars

        $Varies based on bar/service


The Tipsy Nomad Vintage Mobile Bar

$300 General Use, Monday-Thursday

$400 Beer Tap Use, Monday-Thursday

$500 General Use, Friday-Sunday

$600 Beer Tap Use, Friday-Sunday

This custom-built bar created from a 1961 Skyline Nomad Camper is a literal bar on wheels and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any event! Open locations or in the woods - the Tipsy Nomad can go anywhere. 

Reserve your date today and don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind bar!

The Bars Pricing

Moody Moon Bar

$200/day 8 feet

$150/day 4 feet

This bar boasts a black front with a dark stained live-edge wood slab on top.

This bar comes in a 4 foot or 8 foot length.

Moody Moon_edited.jpg
Copper Barrel_edited.jpg

Copper Barrel Bar


This bar is a wonderful addition to any space and can be used to display a wide array of your items.

This bar boasts 12 feet in length of copper fronted beauty, dark stained barrels on each end, and a sleek black counter top.

Industrial Bar_edited.jpg

Industrial Bar


This bar provides a wonderful space for our staff and guests alike.

This bar boasts 10 feet in length with a corrugated metal front and a sleek black counter top. 

cigar bar_edited.jpg

Whiskey Cigar Bar


This bar is a cute addition to any area.

This bar boasts a live-edge wood slab atop a refinished vintage barrel.

*JWS reserves the right to adjust pricing as markets, economy, and business dictates as needed. Your contracted or finalized estimate total will never be changed.*

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