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Vendor Recommendations

Tent / Party Rentals

DandS Pic.jpg
DandS Pic 2.jpg
PEnvy Pic.jpg
PEnvy Pic 2.jpg

*Have we worked with you in the past? Want to be part of our vendor recommendation page or enter a preferred partner program? 

Contact JWS today!!*

Planners / Coordinators

Seed Pic.jpg
Seed Pic 2.jpg

*Check out The Seed and inquire about our Preferred Partner discount!!!*


TOR Pic 1.jpg
TOR Pic 2.jpg
MP Pic.jpg
MP Pic 2.jpg


RS Pic.jpg
RS Pic 2.jpg
PK Pic.jpg
PK Pic 2.jpg
PO Pic.jpg
PO Pic 2.jpg

Food Caterers

Adamus Pic 1.jpg
Adamus Pic 2.jpg
Rockmans Pic 2.jpg
Rockmans Pic 1.jpg
Stuffs Pic 2.jpg
Stuff's Pic 1.jpg

DJ / Photo Booths

DJ JP Pic 1.jpg
DJ JP Pic 2.jpg
EPic Pic 2.jpg
EPic Pic 1.jpg
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